You are cordially invited to Dr. Gallai’s talk on 15 December, 5 pm!

You are cordially invited to the talk that will be delivered this Tuesday at 5 pm by Fabrizio Gallai, Ph.D., from the University of Macerata, Italy. You can find the abstract of Dr. Gallai’s talk titled “Relevance Theory & Translation Studies" below.

Date and time: 15 December 2020, 5pm

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Abstract: Relevance Theory and Translation Studies

If pragmatics is the study of meaning-in-context (Kasher, 1977; Levinson, 1983), cognitive pragmatics can be broadly defined as encompassing the study of the cognitive principles and processes involved in the construal of meaning-in-context. In particular, scholars in this field focus on both the inferential chains necessary to understand a communicator’s intention, starting from their utterance and the different mental representations underlying the comprehension of various cognitive phenomena as cognitive processes.

Even though other cognitive pragmatic theories have been developed in the last three decades, Relevance theory (henceforth RT; Sperber & Wilson, 1986/1995) can be considered as the main theoretical framework in the area of cognitive pragmatics (Huang, 2007; Schmidt, 2012) as well as the only cognitive-pragmatic approach within translation studies.

I will provide an overview of the cognitive approach to communication taken by RT and draws attention to two aspects of the theory, i.e., the distinction between explicit and implicit content and the relationship between thoughts and utterances. Further, I will show how the application of RT has shed light on key issues in Translation and Interpreting Studies.