Research Projects

Below is a list of ongoing and completed research projects carried out within the faculty.




  • Interpreters’ Roles and Strategies at the Turkish Ministry of Health’s International Patient Assistance Unit, 2015-2019, Jonathan Ross (Boğaziçi University Research Fund)
  • (How) does telephone interpreting in healthcare settings differ from face-to-face interpreting? A cross-cultural comparison 2016-2017, Jonathan Ross (BÜVAK-supported)
  • Dissemination of Best Practices in Conference Interpreting Between EU and Non-EU Languages 2014-2017, Ebru Diriker/Kate Ferguson (EU Project)
  • A Descriptive and Critical Look at Retranslation: Retranslated Works in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, 2013- 2016, Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar (Boğaziçi University Research Fund, #7430)
  • Intralingual Translation in Turkish after the Language Reform of 1928, 2013-2014, Özlem Berk Albachten (Boğaziçi University Research Fund, #7226)
  • Retranslated Works in Ottoman and Turkish Societies: a preliminary bibliography, 2011-2013, Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar (Boğaziçi University Research Fund, #6140)
  • The Role of Translation in the Process of Globalization in Slovenia and Turkey, 2008-2011. Project coordinators: Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar, Nike Kocijančič Pokorn. Researchers: Jonathan Maurice Ross, Şule Demirkol Ertürk, Arzu Eker Roditakis, Vojko Gorjanc, Tanja Žigon (TÜBİTAK Project, #107K334)
  • Training Intercultural and Bilingual Competences in Health and Social Care (TRICC), 2008-2010, Jonathan Ross (EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Multilateral Project)
  • European Union: Policies, Institutions and Translation of Key Documents, 2004-2009 ve 2009-2014, Ebru Diriker (Jean Monnet Project)
  • Türkiye’de Toplum Çevirmenliği, 2003, Ebru Diriker & Şehnaz Tahir-Gürçağlar (Boğaziçi University Research Fund)
  • Translations and their functions in the continuity of Ottoman culture: 14th-19th centuries, Saliha Paker, 1997-1999.