Research Projects

Below is a list of ongoing and completed research projects carried out within the faculty.


  • Predictive Processes during Simultaneous Interpreting from Turkish into English, start date: 2019, Ena Hodzik (Boğaziçi University Research Fund)
    This start-up project uses corpora and lexical tools to compute transitional probabilities and conducting behavioural tasks to investigate their effect on predictive processing during simultaneous interpreting from Turkish into English. For a related paper/background on this research, click here.
    Project members: Ena Hodzik (principal investigator), Semra Özdemir (project research assistant and MA student in Linguistics), Nesrin Conker (team member and PhD student in Translation and Interpreting Studies), and Orhan Bilgin (team member and MA in Cognitive Science graduate). 
  • Quality Assurance – European Masters in Conference Interpreting Consortium (QA EMCI Consortium), start date: 2011, Ebru Diriker/Kate Ferguson (EU Project).



  • Interpreters’ Roles and Strategies at the Turkish Ministry of Health’s International Patient Assistance Unit, 2015-2019, Jonathan Ross (Boğaziçi University Research Fund)
  • (How) does telephone interpreting in healthcare settings differ from face-to-face interpreting? A cross-cultural comparison 2016-2017, Jonathan Ross (BÜVAK-supported)
  • Dissemination of Best Practices in Conference Interpreting Between EU and Non-EU Languages 2014-2017, Ebru Diriker/Kate Ferguson (EU Project)
  • A Descriptive and Critical Look at Retranslation: Retranslated Works in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, 2013- 2016, Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar (Boğaziçi University Research Fund, #7430)
  • Intralingual Translation in Turkish after the Language Reform of 1928, 2013-2014, Özlem Berk Albachten (Boğaziçi University Research Fund, #7226)
  • Retranslated Works in Ottoman and Turkish Societies: a preliminary bibliography, 2011-2013, Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar (Boğaziçi University Research Fund, #6140)
  • The Role of Translation in the Process of Globalization in Slovenia and Turkey, 2008-2011. Project coordinators: Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar, Nike Kocijančič Pokorn. Araştırmacılar: Jonathan Maurice Ross, Şule Demirkol Ertürk, Arzu Eker Roditakis, Vojko Gorjanc, Tanja Žigon (TÜBİTAK Project, #107K334)
  • Training Intercultural and Bilingual Competences in Health and Social Care (TRICC), 2008-2010, Jonathan Ross (EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Multilateral Project)
  • European Union: Policies, Institutions and Translation of Key Documents, 2004-2009 ve 2009-2014, Ebru Diriker (Jean Monnet Project)
  • Türkiye’de Toplum Çevirmenliği, 2003, Ebru Diriker ve Şehnaz Tahir-Gürçağlar (Boğaziçi University Research Fund)
  • Translations and their functions in the continuity of Ottoman culture: 14th-19th centuries, Saliha Paker, 1997-1999.