In their final year, students carry out a Translation Project, which is intended to be the culmination of the degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies at Boğaziçi University, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate in an extensive piece of writing what  they  have  learned  about  translation  during  their studies. They  may  produce either a translation  and  commentary  or  a  text  based  largely  on  research. Each  student  should  develop  and complete their project under the supervision of a full-time or part-time member of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, and the degree to which a student collaborates with their chosen advisor will be a factor in the grade they receive for the project. To give students more time to work on the project and to enable more extensive collaboration between students and advisors, the project is spread  across  two  semesters,  encompassing the  single-credit  course  Translation  Project  Design  (TR 427) and the three-credit Translation Project (TR 428).
These guidelines offer students  some  guidance  as  to  the content and  process of  the  project, the department’s expectations with  respect  to  student-advisor collaboration, and  the  length,  organisation,  format  and style of the submitted project.
When choosing a supervisor for your project we recommend you consider the field on which you would like to focus in your translation/research project and approach an instructor with corresponding research interests. A list of supervisors and their fields of interest can be found here.