Luc van Doorslaer: "The transnationality of journalistic translation"

You are cordially invited to a guest lecture titled “The transnationality of journalistic translation” by Prof. Luc van Doorslaer, organized by the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Boğaziçi University.

The lecture will be held on 30 April 2021 at 14:00 (Turkish time) and streamed online via zoom [meeting id: 98481351850 / zoom link:]. 



The transnationality of journalistic translation

So-called Journalistic Translation Research is an area illustrating to what extent the discipline of translation studies over the past decades has continually expanded to different types of transformation and transfer, be they interlingual, intralingual or intersemiotic. This presentation will expand on the highly multilingual contexts of journalistic production as well as the ubiquity, yet invisibility of several types of translation therein. In research this is also expressed through the coining of terms such as ‘transediting’ or ‘journalator’. Special attention will be paid to transnational media and their specific ways of dealing with translation and transfer of information.


Luc van Doorslaer is Chair Professor for Translation Studies at the University of Tartu (Estonia), the former President of CETRA (2014-18), the Centre for Translation Studies at KU Leuven (Belgium), and Professor Extraordinary at Stellenbosch University (South Africa). Since 2016, he is Vice President of EST, the European Society for Translation Studies. He is journal editor of ‘Translation in Society’ (John Benjamins) and book series editor of ‘Translation, Interpreting & Transfer’ (Leuven University Press). Together with Yves Gambier, he is the editor of the online Translation Studies Bibliography and the four volumes of the Handbook of Translation Studies (fifth volume planned 2021). He has published widely in the field of translation studies, mainly on his research interests journalism and translation, sociology of translation, imagology and translation, and the institutionalization of translation studies.



Friday, April 30, 2021 - 14:00