Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I submit a petition regarding registration or other matters?

You can write your petition on a Student Petition Form, accessible from the bottom left corner of You need to print out and fill in the form, get the necessary signatures, and submit your petition to the board of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Can I withdraw from a required course?

You cannot withdraw from any required courses in your first two semesters. As of your third semester, you can withdraw from a required course on the condition that you retake it in the first semester it is reopened.

Can I withdraw from an elective course?

You can withdraw from an elective course. However, the following semester you have to take that course or an equivalent elective.

Does the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies offer any Double Major Programs?

We offer a double major with Western Languages and Literatures.

What is the minimum/maximum number of credits per semester?

The minimum number of credits is 15; the maximum number of credits is the set credit load for a particular semester plus 8.