Doctoral Dissertation Awards


Author: Alaz Pesen
Thesis advisor: Özlem Berk-Albachten, Ebru Diriker (co-advisor)
 Symbiogenesis and representation: A history of Greco-Turkish song translation 1908 – 2012
Year: 2017


Author: Ceyda Elgül
Thesis advisor: Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar, Saliha Paker
Lives as translation, lives in translation: biographers and translators in search of a total Borges
Year: 2016


Author: Cemal Demircioğlu
Thesis advisor: Saliha Paker
From discourse to practice: rethinking "Translation" (Terceme) and related practices of text production in the late Ottoman literary tradition
Year: 2005


Author: Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar
Thesis advisor: Saliha Paker
The politics and poetics of translation in Turkey 1923-1960
Year: 2002


Author: Ebru Diriker
Thesis advisor: Işın Bengi-Öner
 De-Re- contextualising simultaneous interpreting: interpreters in the ivory tover
Year: 2001