Orson Scott Card's Yüzyılın En İyi Bilim Kurgu Öyküleri was translated by our students who took Translation Project class from Asst. Prof. Arzu Akbatur in 2016. Akbatur, a dear teacher of our department who worked for a long while in Boğaziçi University - Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies,  editted the book and it was published by Ithaki Publishing House. We wish a pleasant read to all the science fiction fans, and congratulate all the students and faculty members who had a hand in the publishing of the book. For detailed information on the book please visit:


Part time students will be hired to help in assisting with courses and laboratory work at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department during 2018-2019 Fall academic semester.

Requirements                      : Being an EE student in 3 or 4 years standings  with at least 2.50 GPA is required.

Applications                         : A written application accompanied by the most recent transcript should be sent to the Department Secretary, 14 September – 26 September 2018.