Prof. Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar's work The Politics and Poetics of Translation in Turkey, 1923-1960, which was published in English in 2008, has been translated into Turkish by Tansel Demirel and published by İş Bankası Publishing under the title Türkiye’de Çevirinin Politikası ve Poetikası 1923-1960, and is available for purchase now. We offer our congratulations to the book's author, Prof. Gürçağlar, and translator, Tansel Demirel. 

Detailed information about the book can be found from the following link:


Orson Scott Card's Yüzyılın En İyi Bilim Kurgu Öyküleri was translated by our students who took Translation Project class from Asst. Prof. Arzu Akbatur in 2016. Akbatur, a dear teacher of our department who worked for a long while in Boğaziçi University - Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies,  editted the book and it was published by Ithaki Publishing House. We wish a pleasant read to all the science fiction fans, and congratulate all the students and faculty members who had a hand in the publishing of the book. For detailed information on the book please visit:


Part time students will be hired to help in assisting with courses and laboratory work at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department during 2018-2019 Fall academic semester.

Requirements                      : Being an EE student in 3 or 4 years standings  with at least 2.50 GPA is required.

Applications                         : A written application accompanied by the most recent transcript should be sent to the Department Secretary, 14 September – 26 September 2018.