The biography database project "Lives in Turkish" coordinated by Ceyda Elgül received Honorable Mention in Emerging Open Scholarship Awards by Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI). The award aims to encourage open access, open data, open education, and other related projects that have the potential to make scholarly work more efficient, more accessible, and more usable by those within and beyond the academy.

Students willing to apply for a place on the double major program with Translation and Interpreting Studies and begin the double major program in the Spring semester 2021-22 are invited to send a recent transcript, a one-page statement of purpose in English, and the double major application form to Şule Demirkol Ertürk, the DM advisor of the TIS Department, between 1-3 February 2022, via . For detailed information please refer to our website, and please read the University regulations before submitting your application. The interviews will take place on the 7th of February, online, via Zoom. Good luck.


Dr. Ena Hodzik, Nesrin Conker and Semra Özdemir will be presenting their research on "Predictive processes during simultaneous interpreting from Turkish into English" at the ICTIC 3: 3rd International Conference on Translation, Interpreting & Cognition. You can access the details of the conference at here.

Prof. Ebru Diriker, Dr. Ena Hodzik and  Dr. Deniz Özkan will be presenting their research on "Morphosyntactic prediction in student vs. professional Turkish (A) - English (B) simultaneous interpreters" at the ICTIC 3: 3rd International Conference on Translation, Interpreting & Cognition. You can access the details of the conference at here.

We are happy to announce that a new double major program between the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies and the Department of Western Languages and Literatures has been approved. Students wishing to begin the double major program in the Spring semester 2021-22 should apply at the end of the Fall semester. Please check the academic calendar for deadlines. More information about the application procedures will soon be available on our website. Students interested in pursuing the double major program can refer to Boğaziçi University Double Major Program Regulations for principles and procedures.

Find Prof. Ebru Diriker's latest book chapter below:

Interpreting and Ethnography: Contexts Revisited by Ebru Diriker, published in 100 Years of Conference Interpreting: A Legacy.


Multilingualism ensures that all EU citizens can follow the work of their democratic representatives in any of the European Union’s 24 official languages. Linguistic and cultural diversity is one of EU’s strengths and is woven into the EU Treaties as a core value. Multilingualism Day is your chance to see this diversity in action.

You can take part in Multilingualism Day 2021 online and at the House of European History.


The 2021 YKS results are in! Our department received applicants with the highest maximum score among all Translation Studies departments in both private and public universities, and also with the highest maximum and minimum scores among public university departments that admit students based on their language score. We offer our congratulations to all of our new students and look forward to meeting you on campus!

Find Dr. Ena Hodzik’s latest article here:

Working memory and cognitive processing in conference interpreting by Ena Hodzik and John N. Williams, published in The Routledge Handbook of Conference Interpreting.


A research project on the use of machine translation in literary translation will be launched with collaboration between the Departments of Translation and Interpreting Studies and Computer Engineering at Boğaziçi University. The three-year project will be funded by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and the project team will consist of Mehmet Şahin (principal investigator), Ena Hodzik and Tunga Güngör (researchers), and Sabri Gürses (post-doc researcher). There will be undergraduate and graduate assistants in the project team as well.