Mehmet Şahin's article "A call for a fair translatiosphere in the post-digital era" (2022) was published in Paralleles (UNIVERSITÉ DE GENÈVE).

Ceyda Elgül's article "Tracing lives in Turkish: The making of a bibliography of biography" (2022) was published in Recharting Territories (Leuven University Press).

15 members of the European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI) Consortium and representatives from DG SCIC and DG LINC of the European Union met in Paris on 8-9 September 2022. Boğaziçi University was represented by Professor Ebru Diriker, coordinator of our interpreting track. 



Students willing to apply for a place on the double major program with Translation and Interpreting Studies are invited to submit their application through BUIS by August 24, 2022. Please include a recent transcript, a one-page statement of purpose in English, and the double major application form, if requested by the system. Additionally, please e-mail all application materials to Şule Demirkol Ertürk, the DM advisor of the TIS Department, between 22-24 August 2022, via . For detailed information please refer to our website, and please read the University regulations before submitting your application. The interviews will take place on the 25th of August, online, via Zoom. Good luck.

You can find two new articles by Dr Jan Buts from the links below:

Translation and the rediscovery of rhetoric (Book Review), published in The Translator, and

Keyness, Context, and Cultural Specificity in Indirect Translation, published in transLogos Translation Studies Journal


Mehmet Şahin has three new publications, details of which you can find below:
Kansu-Yetkiner, N., & Şahin, M. (2022). Intermodal and Intermedial Translation of Songs in Stage and Film Musicals: Application of an Integrated Approach in Turkish Context. Litera: Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies32(1), 341-378. 


Şahin, M., & Gürses, S. (2021). English-Turkish Literary Translation Through Human-Machine Interaction. Tradumàtica: tecnologies de la traducció, (19), 171-203. 
Gürses, S. & Şahin, M. (2021). Dostoevsky in Translation: Past, Present and Future Prospects. In Zur Geschichte der Übersetzung. Themen und Perspektiven, F. Yücel & M. T. Öncü (Eds.). (pp.47-65). Logos Verlag Berlin.

You can find two new articles by Dr Jan Buts from the links below:

Targeted Individuals: Personalised advertising and digital media translation, published in Translation Spaces. 

Invented languages, intertextuality, and indirect translation: Wilde’s Salomé in Esperanto, published in Translation Studies. 


Ebru Diriker's article "Conference Interpreting: Role and Agency" was published in a volume by Bologna University Press.

Avrupa Birliği Mükemmeliyet Merkezi statüsüne sahip ve Avrupa Konferans Çevirmenliği Yüksek Lisans Programları Birliği'ne (European Masters in Conference Interpreting - EMCI) Türkiye'den üye olarak kabul edilmiş tek lisansüstü programı olan Konferans Çevirmenliği Tezsiz Yüksek Lisans Programımız 2022-2023 Güz Dönemi için aday başvurularını kabul etmektedir. 
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