• How can I submit a petition regarding registration or other matters?

You can write your petition on a Student Petition Form, accessible from the bottom left corner of http://www.fef.boun.edu.tr/. You need to print out and fill in the form, get the necessary signatures, and submit your petition to the board of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

  • Can I withdraw from a required course?

You cannot withdraw from any required courses in your first two semesters. As of your third semester, you can withdraw from a required course on the condition that you retake it in the first semester it is reopened.

  • Can I withdraw from an elective course?

You can withdraw from an elective course. However, the following semester you have to take that course or an equivalent elective.

  • Does the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies offer any Double Major Programs?


  • What is the minimum/maximum number of credits per semester?

The minimum number of credits is 15; the maximum number of credits is the set credit load for a particular semester plus 8.