The PhD program in Translation Studies aims to encourage and promote research and scholarship in all fields related to translation, including the history of translation in Turkey.

Candidates for admission must be competent in a third language (in addition to Turkish and English) approved by the Department and must fulfill all other requirements specified in the Regulations of the Institute of Social Sciences.

Students entering the program from outside the Department may be required to take certain prerequisite courses specified by the Department.

The program requires the successful completion of 8 courses (24 credits), followed by a qualifying examination, the submission of a PhD dissertation, and the oral defense of the latter.




First Semester Cr. ECTS Second Semester Cr. ECTS
TR 601 History of Translation Theory 3 7 TR 622 Translation Theories and Critical Practice 3 8
TR 611 Seminar in Contemporary Translation Theories 3 9 TR 630 Research Methods in Translation Studies 3 9
TR 621 History of Translation in Ottoman/Turkish Society 3 7 TR 632 Guided Readings in Translation and Interpreting Studies 3 7
TR 680-689 Special Topics in Translation Studies 3 7 xx xx Unrestricted Elective 3 7
TR 700 Graduate Seminar 0 2          
Total 12 32 Total 12 31
  Cr. ECTS          
    Qualifying Exam 0 30          
    Thesis Proposal Defense 0 30          
TR 790 PhD Thesis 0 120          
Total 0 180          
Total Credits : 24              
Total ECTS : 243