Applications should be made at during the general postgraduate application period at Boğaziçi University (please see the academic calendar at Quotas and conditions for acceptance will be announced during the application periods. This information can be reached via the Boğaziçi University website ( Further information on the application requirements can be found at this website.


Conditions for Application and Documents Required:

1. Applications are to be made using this website. You can reach the "electronic application system guide" using this link.

2. Two letters of recommendation. {The people recommending you are notified automatically, you just need to enter their name, surname, and e-mail adress to the system} 

3. A certified photocopy of your undergraduate diploma or a letter certifying that you have graduated. {should be scanned and uploaded to the system}

4. Official transcript of your undergraduate education. {should be scanned and uploaded to the system}

5. Bank receipt showing payment of the application fee. {if the SWIFT method is used, receipt should be scanned and uploaded to the system}

6. Evidence of proficiency in English (a minimum score of 550 + TWE 4,5 on the paper-based TOEFL or a minimum score of 213 + TWE 4,5 on the computer-based TOEFL or aminimum score of 79 + TWE 22 on the internet-based TOEFL, or an overall score of 6.5 in ELTS).  Applicants who have not taken these tests will be required to take the English Proficiency Exam BUEPT given by Boğaziçi's School of Foreign Languages (YADYOK in Turkish) . Minimum score required in BUEPT is 60. Those who have taken the TOEFL and received the acceptable minimum general score but have failed in the Writing section may also apply to take YADYOK TWE by presenting their TOEFL score report at the YADYOK Student Office before the BUEPT. Those who receive a passing grade in the YADYOK TWE are considered proficient in English. The scores of these exams are valid for two years. Grade certificates for TOEFL or ELTS should be authorized by YADYOK. {document showing your proficiency should be scanned and uploaded to the system; if your results are not announced yet, you should only enter the date of the exam}

7. GRE or GMAT score sheet. (A minimum quantitative score of 610 in GRE or an overall score of 450 in GMAT). {results of this should be scanned and uploaded to the system}

8. The graduation grade point average you attained in your undergraduate studies should be at least 2.5 out of 4 or at least 70 out of 100. {this information should be entered via the system}

9.  Applicants must write a “Statement of Purpose” explaining why they want to take an MA in the field of Translation. {should be uploaded to the system}

10.  In order to be accepted to the program, applicants must pass written and oral entrance examinations. For these examinations, applicants are expected to read the reading pack consisting of the texts listed below. During the application period, you will be able to obtain this set of materials from a photocopier’s in the vicinity of the university. The date, time and location of the entrance examinations will be announced on the University's website during the application period.

11.  Fluency in Turkish is required.